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The name of the company 新万博体育网y|应用主页 is based on the pronunciation of the word “dear” in English. In Chinese, it can be explained as “make you beautiful”. It is the center of the harmonious home wear culture which advocates love and beauty.
The logo of the company is in the shape of flowers. The five flowers in the logo stand for the harmonious coexistence of man, nature, family, society and 新万博体育网y|应用主页 garments. It is also a symbol for the bright future of 新万博体育网y|应用主页 Company. The shape can also stand for eyes and window, signifying the constant discovering of beauty in the world.

Brand Implications: Advocate a harmonious Home Wear Culture
Pursue the harmonious coexistence of man, nature and society
Harmony is the longing and pursuit for a happy life
Is one of the most outstanding conceptions in the world
The state of harmony means naturalness, comfortableness, beauty
Is the best state the world can get into

The world must continue in harmony
Man and man by each other’s side
Living together in amiability and harmony
Communicating and developing

Let’s build harmony together
And build a society in which…
Man and man live in peace with each other Man and nature live in peace with each other
A society of honest and love, of vitality and good order.

Always pursuing an experience of intellectual comfort and natural healthy
Always aiming for a loving and giving society
新万博体育网y|应用主页, a harmonious Home wear culture

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